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10 April 2023 Updated 10 April 2023 by Peter
Respect the privacy of your visitors, do not connect them to a third-party Captcha service!
8 March 2021 Updated 8 March 2021 by Peter
WTForms QuerySelectField and QuerySelectMultipleField make it easy to manage SQLAlchemy relationship data.
22 February 2020 Updated 22 February 2020 by Peter
Returning a rendered form to the client means the client does not need to know much about the form and reduces client side coding.
15 February 2020 Updated 18 February 2020 by Peter
Adding a WTForms textarea widget looks easy but differences between Linux and Windows cause unexpected problems.
24 January 2020 Updated 24 January 2020 by Peter
By modifying the WTforms RadioField ListWidget and using Bootstrap 4 buttons we can build a nice image picker.
28 September 2019 Updated 11 October 2019 by Peter
When the page content comes from a database you will want to add a contact form using a tag.
4 July 2019 Updated 29 August 2019 by Peter
Let’s burn their deeplearning GPU’s.