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20 February 2024 Updated 20 February 2024 by Peter
Put a page name in a Jinja2 template file and share it everywhere.
10 April 2023 Updated 10 April 2023 by Peter
Respect the privacy of your visitors, do not connect them to a third-party Captcha service!
19 December 2022 Updated 20 December 2022 by Peter
A multiprocessing.Queue() is used to capture stdout and stderr lines in real time.
25 July 2022 Updated 25 July 2022 by Peter
Show notifications at a fixed position on top of the screen content, not somewhere squeezed into our layout.
7 May 2022 Updated 8 May 2022 by Peter
Python exception handling decorators are a powerful way to reduce try-except code.
22 April 2021 Updated 22 April 2021 by Peter
Create your own view class and utility functions to reduce code and avoid errors.
30 March 2021 Updated 22 April 2021 by Peter
Create separate schemas for path, query and body request parameters and validate them with a single function.
8 March 2021 Updated 8 March 2021 by Peter
WTForms QuerySelectField and QuerySelectMultipleField make it easy to manage SQLAlchemy relationship data.