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25 November 2020 Updated 25 November 2020 by Peter
Setting Flask's SERVER_NAME can give 404 errors if you are using subdomains.
29 October 2020 Updated 29 October 2020 by Peter
Docker-compose makes it very easy to use the same Docker image for your Flask application and the Celery worker(s).
30 September 2020 Updated 30 September 2020 by Peter
By sharing the code and (optionally) templates we avoid making copies and reduce maintenance time.
25 July 2020 Updated 25 July 2020 by Peter
Using Pytest fixtures and hooks and Flask test_client we can run tests and manually approve texts.
29 May 2020 Updated 29 May 2020 by Peter
Use a Jinja icon macro to put icons on your pages and use <symbol> to define icons once and use multiple times on the same page.
12 May 2020 Updated 12 May 2020 by Peter
By avoiding duplication your code becomes smaller and better maintainable.
26 April 2020 Updated 30 June 2020 by Peter
Create scripts to automate the conversion. They will save you time and prevent unnecessary errors.
16 April 2020 Updated 16 April 2020 by Peter
Sometimes you want to block IP addresses immediately. This post describes a method how you can do this.