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20 February 2024 Updated 20 February 2024 by Peter
Put a page name in a Jinja2 template file and share it everywhere.
29 May 2020 Updated 29 May 2020 by Peter
Use a Jinja icon macro to put icons on your pages and use <symbol> to define icons once and use multiple times on the same page.
6 January 2020 Updated 9 January 2020 by Peter
This post describes a method to generate Javascript language files de.js, en.js, etc. and how to add them to your multilanguage Flask app.
28 September 2019 Updated 11 October 2019 by Peter
When the page content comes from a database you will want to add a contact form using a tag.
15 September 2019 Updated 15 September 2019 by Peter
In a multilanguage website with multilanguage slugs we can no longer use <a href="{{ url_for('pages.about') }}">{{ _('About') }}</a>.
29 August 2019 Updated 30 August 2019 by Peter
Reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of your web app using query result caching and template caching.