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6 July 2023 Updated 6 July 2023 by Peter
By returning only values instead of dictionaries we minimize data transfer size and time.
21 February 2023 Updated 21 February 2023 by Peter
Consideration of all possible states, and conditions, is not desirable but a requirement.
4 June 2021 Updated 4 June 2021 by Peter
I wanted an asynchronous SQLAlchemy API but ended up building a synchronous SQLAlchemy API.
24 May 2021 Updated 24 May 2021 by Peter
Write tests for users in regular Python code, then run the tests with concurrent users.
22 April 2021 Updated 22 April 2021 by Peter
Create your own view class and utility functions to reduce code and avoid errors.
30 March 2021 Updated 22 April 2021 by Peter
Create separate schemas for path, query and body request parameters and validate them with a single function.