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25 July 2022 Updated 25 July 2022 by Peter
Show notifications at a fixed position on top of the screen content, not somewhere squeezed into our layout.
8 March 2021 Updated 8 March 2021 by Peter
WTForms QuerySelectField and QuerySelectMultipleField make it easy to manage SQLAlchemy relationship data.
17 January 2021 Updated 17 January 2021 by Peter
In December 2020, Bootstrap 5 Beta 1 was released. After reading all the changes and additions, one can only conclude that this is another big step forward.
8 February 2020 Updated 16 February 2020 by Peter
24 January 2020 Updated 24 January 2020 by Peter
By modifying the WTforms RadioField ListWidget and using Bootstrap 4 buttons we can build a nice image picker.
14 August 2019 Updated 14 August 2019 by Peter
After editing marathon I am Ringo Starr: I've got blisters on my fingers!
1 June 2019 Updated 29 August 2019 by Peter
Using ordering and push techniques you can create Bootstrap advanced grid layouts.