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16 July 2022 Updated 16 July 2022 by Peter
Cascade Deletes is much more than just adding 'all, delete' to the relationship.
28 May 2022 Updated 29 May 2022 by Peter
Using UUIDs is fine, but when you're dealing with millions of records, stick with BigIntegers
12 April 2022 Updated 12 April 2022 by Peter
4 June 2021 Updated 4 June 2021 by Peter
I wanted an asynchronous SQLAlchemy API but ended up building a synchronous SQLAlchemy API.
8 March 2021 Updated 8 March 2021 by Peter
WTForms QuerySelectField and QuerySelectMultipleField make it easy to manage SQLAlchemy relationship data.
9 April 2020 Updated 9 April 2020 by Peter
UUID Primary Keys are 'universe unique' and have many advantages. Consider using them in your next project.
8 February 2020 Updated 16 February 2020 by Peter
29 August 2019 Updated 30 August 2019 by Peter
Reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of your web app using query result caching and template caching.