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26 May 2021 Updated 26 May 2021 by Peter
The provider container creates a Docker network that can be used by a consumer container.
29 October 2020 Updated 29 October 2020 by Peter
Docker-compose makes it very easy to use the same Docker image for your Flask application and the Celery worker(s).
30 September 2020 Updated 30 September 2020 by Peter
By sharing the code and (optionally) templates we avoid making copies and reduce maintenance time.
22 September 2020 Updated 22 September 2020 by Peter
Use a script to check the directories and files that will be included in your Docker image fast and easy.
9 December 2019 by Peter
Docker bypasses ufw firewall settings and exposes ports to the outside world, a very serious security leak.
27 November 2019 Updated 27 November 2019 by Peter
My Docker applications suddenly could not send mail using the host Postfix MTA. I fixed this by specifying a Docker default address pool, but it is better to do this before deployment.
13 November 2019 by Peter
When using a Python Alpine Docker image we must add the tzdata package before we can set the timezone.
18 October 2019 Updated 18 October 2019 by Peter
The method described requires you can be root, meaning it is not universal but may be sufficient if you are the system administrator.