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2 March 2022 Updated 3 March 2022 by Peter
Deep Learning is not the way to solve Tic-Tac-Toe but it certainly is a nice educational experience.
13 February 2022 Updated 2 March 2022 by Peter
Our black box is tuned by someone else, nice. But this also takes a lot of time and has a large carbon footprint, not so nice.
6 February 2022 Updated 6 February 2022 by Peter
Fun with matching sentences using Sentence-Transformers.
2 February 2022 Updated 2 February 2022 by Peter
A Deep Learning model is NOT a black box. It requires tuning for good performance.
30 January 2022 Updated 30 January 2022 by Peter
Predicting the future with Deep Learning is a hot topic. That is why I want to master this.
28 January 2022 Updated 28 January 2022 by Peter
Using Keras we can create a Deep Learning black box that can predict future values