Demo Bootstrap 5 form

Bootstrap 5 removed many custom fields.

Settings for the form below

The form

Please enter a valid email address
This is a StringField.
Normally the password is not shown after a submit. You may want to check: Populate a PasswordField in wtforms

Date picker

This is the DatePickerField. The minimum_date and maximum_date are in the future:

Select fields

This is the SelectField.
This is the SelectMultipleField.

Radio fields

This is the RadioField. For custom-control you can change the colors, I changed it to black, see for example: Bootstrap4 radio button background and fill color
This is the RadioInlineField.

Checkbox fields

This is a BooleanField
This is the CheckboxSwitchField

Checkbox group fields

This is the CheckboxGroupField.
This is a CheckboxGroupInlineField.

Captcha fields


File fields

Submit button fields - SubmitField

Submit button fields - SubmitVerticalField

Submit button fields

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